News Bytes: There’s A Good Chance You’re On This Hacked Passwords List

Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on July 26, 2017

Security researchers have stumbled across a vast treasure trove of hacked user accounts residing in a completely unprotected database online. The database contains more than 560 million user names, email addresses, passwords, IP addresses, physical addresses and more.

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New Mobile Fingerprint Sensor Can Detect Blood Flow And Heartbeat

Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on July 24, 2017

Qualcomm has recently announced the release of their next-generation fingerprint biometric technology for mobile devices, and on its face, it seems to be a significant improvement.

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Girl Scouts Add Cybersecurity Badge

Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on July 23, 2017

Hackers, watch out. 

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My laptop battery does not charge fully. What could be the issue?

Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on July 18, 2017

 Question: My laptop battery does not charge fully. What could be the issue?

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News Bytes: Amazon Prime will be on Apple TV

Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on June 16, 2017

Will Amazon Prime be Available on Apple TV?

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Why Ransomware Victims Are Paying the Ransom

Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on May 16, 2017

The landscape of ransomware attacks is changing. When the malicious software first hit the internet a couple years back, it did so in a big way, primarily targeting large hospitals, insurance companies or other health-related businesses. These high-profile attacks temporarily paralyzed a number of companies, many of whom opted to simply pay the ransom to get their files back instead of wrestling with backup systems.

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A Number Of Linksys Routers Are Vulnerable To Attack

Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on May 12, 2017

It’s not an overstatement to say that Linksys, to a large degree, powers the web. The company makes a broad range of routers that lie at the heart of everything from small home networks to keeping small and medium sized businesses interconnected.

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Still Using Google Talk? Google To Turn Service Off

Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on April 28, 2017
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Google made a valiant effort to unify the world of internet chat with the release of Google Talk. Unfortunately, the other companies operating in that space were not interested in playing nice.

Had Google been successful in the realization of their vision, then virtually all chat software in use today would be cross-compatible. You would have been able to talk to your friends using Yahoo Messenger or FaceBook Chat from your Google Talk console.

Sadly, Google found almost no other company that wanted to collaborate to create the standards by which such a system could flourish. The result has been the utter fragmentation of the market, with each chat software being an island unto itself, with little to no contact with anyone outside of it.

It was a good vision, but Google has formally given up on it, recently announcing that support for Google Talk will end on June 26, 2017. At that point, the servers supporting it go offline, and for all intents and purposes, it ceases to exist.

Things have been trending in that direction for quite some time. In fact, in February 2015, Google shut down the majority of its desktop and mobile client, recommending that its user base migrate to the new Google Hangouts service. Hangouts is built around a proprietary framework, which was the direction most of Google’s rivals went in shortly after Google Talk was launched.

If you use Google Talk, you may have already gotten a formal communication about it. If you haven’t, you’ll be getting one soon.

If you take no action, you will automatically be transitioned to Google Hangouts unless there is some contractual obligation to keep you on Talk, in which case, you’ll get a communication from Google to that effect, discussing next steps.

Either way, though, Google Talk is soon to be a thing of the past.

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IRS warns of last minute tax scam

Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on April 14, 2017

IRS Warns of Tax Preparer’s Scam

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News Bytes March 2017

Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on March 16, 2017

Forget Click and Collect, You Can Now Shop With Your Voice

In a bid to catch up with Amazon’s Alexa, Google has now added voice shopping to the Google Home arsenal, allowing users to shop for everyday items under the value of $100 by simply asking. Once customers have set up the address and payment method, they can shop at over 50 participating retailers by simply speaking their requirements aloud. For example, utter the words “Google, buy milk,” and the Google Assistant will talk you through the options available before asking you to confirm the order or search for alternatives.

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News Bytes February 2017

Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on February 9, 2017

Cortana Hits the Android Lock Screen

In a bid to further enhance the user experience of Cortana on Android, Microsoft has announced plans to introduce new methods of accessing the personal assistant from the Android lock screen via a quick and simple swipe. The new feature, which is clearly intended to replace the quick access functionality and persuade users to choose Cortana, allows users to activate Cortana by simply swiping left or right on the logo. The new functionality is currently in the test phase, but interested users can choose to beta-test the feature by opting in to the trial at the Google Play Store.

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News Bytes January 2017

Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on January 10, 2017

Facebook Tackles Fake News Head On

Although Facebook initially downplayed accusations that fake news spread via its platform had significant social implications, the measures it has recently put in place to prevent the publication of false stories on its online channels suggest Facebook may be taking the issue much more seriously.

The actions Facebook will be rolling out to reduce instances of fake news over the next few months include third-party fact checking, whereby users and fact-checking partners can report any fake news they encounter; barring websites that are known to write and distribute fake news from the Facebook network; and introducing new algorithms that can de-emphasize fake news stories.

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Faster internet promised for airline travellers

Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on December 13, 2016

If you’re a frequent flyer on American Airlines, then you’re probably already aware of one of that company’s biggest drawbacks. Their in-flight Wi-Fi is notoriously slow. The company has been in partnership with Wi-Fi provider Gogo for years, but recently took Gogo to court, citing the drastic difference between their Wi-Fi network speeds and the speeds offered by Gogo competitor, ViaSat.

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News Bytes December 2016

Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on December 5, 2016

Facebook Apologizes for “Killing Off” its Users

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News Bytes November 2016

Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on November 7, 2016


Counterfeit Apple Products Sold on Amazon

People who have purchased Apple products on Amazon may be surprised to hear that there’s a high chance they’re fake, if Apple’s latest lawsuit is anything to go by.

Last week, Apple took legal action against Mobile Star LLC and 50 additional defendants claiming they had sold counterfeit Apple products online on sites like Groupon and Amazon.

Apple is seeking damages of $150,000 per copyright violation and an addition $2 million USD for trademark infringements. This latest round of lawsuits is Apple’s most recent move in an effort to reduce the amount of counterfeit products that are sold online. Apple also warned consumers that cheap Apple products are likely to be fake and to present serious safety risks.


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News Bytes October 2016

Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on October 21, 2016

Galaxy Note 7 Air Travel Ban

Do you or someone you know use the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone even though the explosion risk associated with this device is well documented?

If so, you may be interested to learn that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other major airlines have now ruled that it is illegal to take a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 aboard an aircraft. According to the FAA safety advisory, passengers should take note that they are prohibited from transporting lithium-ion batteries that have been recalled aboard flights.

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