Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on March 2, 2018
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Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on February 6, 2018

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Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on January 25, 2018

After a short reprieve, Technology Today is back and ready to roll! In our latest issue, we flush out the perks and pits of DELL's NEW Chromebook 5190

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5 Ways to Upcycle Your Old Computer

Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on August 2, 2017

We upgrade our equipment all the time here at Circulent. But we aren't just putting our old computers into the landfill - we upcycle them. Our infographic gives you five ways to make use of your outdated technology.

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How to Choose the Best Voice Communication System for Your Business

Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on July 10, 2017

As a business owner, it is important to make the right decision when choosing a voice communications system.  Maintaining contact with your vendors, clients and employees has never been more important than it is today. Before purchasing a new system, take into consideration these factors to ensure the lines of communication remain open.

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Three Simple Steps to Cast Your Desktop to Your TV

Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on July 1, 2017

If you want to connect your computer to a TV at home or at the office, you have several options, the most common of which is to use an HDMI cable. However, who wants to run a 6 foot or longer cable across the room? Or have to control the TV outcome from an awkward position on the floor?

Luckily, Google’s Chromecast has the solution. Chromecast is a plug in devide that allows you to wirelessly cast your desktop to your TV so that you can display the content of your device without being limited by cable lengths. (If your TV is older, without an HDMI port, don't bother reading on. Roku Express+ works with composite cables).

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Calculating the Cost of an Internet Outage on your business

Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on June 27, 2017

How long can your company afford to be without an internet connection? Think about it for a minute. No access to data. No phones. A day? An hour? 

When we took a 100 person company, took an average salary, and multiplied times the amount of hours lost over a day and a week, the number was shockingly high. And that doesn't even take into account any opportunities lost, like a hot sales call. 

So we would argue that investing in a backup internet pipe is well worth it. See if you agree.

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USB-C: The Lowdown on the Latest Version of USB

Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on November 30, 2016

Laptops are getting thinner and thinner, which is all well and good, but with Acer’s latest Swift 7 coming in at just 9.98 mm thick, how are manufacturers finding space for I/O ports?

That’s where the USB-C comes in.

Here’s the lowdown on this latest version of USB and why it just may be your new best friend.

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