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Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on August 23, 2017
Ashley Victoria Cannon
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We’ve all seen the stories about celebrities getting their mobile phones hacked and having their private photos splattered all over the web. 

Although you may think there is nothing of real interest on your phone, you are still at risk of security invasion. Any number of people could have motives to harm you, from ex-es to a colleague who perceives you as a threat. Even innocuous content on your phone can be taken out of context to reflect negatively on you in general or be manipulated.  

Use some of these simple tips to protect your mobile phone and reputation:

Passwords - Your passwords are your primary defense against would-be hackers – from your lock code to email account password. Don't share your passwords with others.

Also, make sure your passwords aren’t easily guessed, such as your pet’s name or child’s birthday.  A secure password may not be as easily remembered, but it is far harder to hack. Finally, shield your phone’s screen with your hand or body when entering passwords in public lest onlookers take note of which buttons you push.

Clear Out the Cobwebs – In addition to creating more storage space on your mobile phone, it is just wise to remove old text conversations, photos, and other data periodically. Back up the things you want to keep onto other devices, so you can access them later. With all of the excess stuff you don’t use on a regular basis gone, you leave less for hackers to work with if the security of your mobile phone is breached. In the event of being hacked, you would also likely lose all of those things, so backing such info up protects you twofold.

Beef Up Security – Take advantage of the lesser-known security features of your mobile phone. For example, turn off the Discoverable mode on your Bluetooth. Look on your phone under Security to see if there are free, included options, such as an automatic lock screen that activates after a certain period of inactivity.

There are also applications you can download to increase the level of security on your phone, including apps that allow you to access and control your phone remotely in the case of loss or theft. Our company provides an option for businesses that not only allows mobile lock and/or wipe of a lost phone, but restrictions on what apps can be installed. For more advice on ways to boost your staff's productivity, check out our blog post.


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