Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on May 18, 2018
Ashley Victoria Cannon


In this week's Technology Todaywe celebrate Microsoft's latest roll out of conference room displays, the Surface Hub 2



The NEW Surface Hub 2 is adorned with 50.5" display vs the original, Surface Hub's 55" or 84" options. Unlike its predecessor, the 2 has 4K+ resolution, ensuring world-class clarity - not to mention, the bezels are vastly thinner than everything else on the market. The best part, the display NOW rotates; allowing you to flip from vertical to horizontal display with ease - complimenting all document dimensions and projects. The rotation is similar to that of Microsoft's very own Surface Book; designed with a muscle wire lock. Overall, compared to the original, released in 2016 - functionality is superior.*



In addition to the boost in structural hardware, there will also be software updates. The software's core, will still be Windows 10 ; however, Microsoft is working towards the device being accessible to all individuals, that will potentially partake in meetings - that being said, they're concocting an on-device fingerprint scanner. Allowing a plethora of files to come to fruition with a single scan. 

Worries about weight/accessibility? The device itself is lightweight and easy to move - granting SH2 to be an integral part of office culture and operation, sans hassle that older office solutions inflicted.

Need to loop in others, outside the office? No problem! SH2 is equipped with a 4K webcam - that is removable and connects through USB-C. 

50.5" isn't large enough for you? You need a larger visual display? You can sync two or ore more SH2s in a method that Microsoft coins, 'tiling'. This effect creates one monster sized display. Problem solved! 



Surface Hub 2's official release is in 2019 - we are still awaiting a date and more product specifics to be divulged. 



Did you find this blog informative? Will you or your company utilize SH2? Do you have a subject you would like for us to cover next? Sound off below and be sure to subscribe to our emails! 

Until next time, Techies! 




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