Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on December 15, 2017
Ashley Victoria Cannon

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In our LATEST issue of Technology Today, we sift through the good, the bad and the techy tidbits of the removal of Net Neutrality and what this really means for the American people.*

Even though congress and advocacy organizations alike tried to put an end to it, yesterday, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) officially voted to revoke 2015's Open Internet Order and the Net Neutrality regulations it implemented with a 3-2 vote. 

You may, like most American's, be wondering what this means for you - well, the future is bleak. The passing removes the FCC as a regulator of the entire Broadband Industry! All rules to inhibit blocking and control of bandwidth have gone out the window! ISPs (Internet Service Providers) will now have the ability to charge what they want for specific services - including price spikes on fixed web pages and slow download speeds on others - all in their favor. This can and most likely will cause pricing surcharges. 

This is a danger to your wallet, but also to the free world. Each major carrier has their own roster of companies that they parent/are aligned with - they can now target their competitors rosters with comparable services and block them. Ultimately sabotaging end-user experience.

There is the possibility that Congress could overturn the rule by passing a resolution of disapproval under the Congressional Review Act - the catch, the majority of the House and Senate need to vote for it within 60 (legislative) days of the passing. 

This is something that can change the landscape of the internet as we know it. 

To be continued...


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