Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on January 25, 2018
Ashley Victoria Cannon


After a short reprieve, Technology Today is back and ready to roll! In our latest issue, we flush out the perks and pits of DELL's NEW Chromebook 5190

DELL has long been one of Circulent's trusted partners - so, we obviously LOVE their gear. Their latest addition, the Chromebook 5190 - part of the 5000 series - has really peaked our interest. It's sleek, sophisticated, dialed-in and versatile. Coming in two versions, standard configuration and a two-in-one with both laptop and tablet functionality, it truly lends itself to all audiences. To boot, it's equipped with USB-C, stylus and world-facing camera support - thank you, DELL, thank you! 



If we are being genuine and transparent, they don't far surpass DELL's 3000 Series, but do offer some improvement. What can you expect? A minimum of 13 hour battery life vs the 3000's 10, as well as quad-core Intel Celeron vs a dual core processor. 

One thing that makes us giddy with glee is the fact that the 5190 has been designed with superior durability - in rigorous testing, it survived 4 foot drops onto steel and other hard surfaces without cracking or damaging the in/exterior.  If that isn't impressive enough, it also survived 10K 'micro-drops' from 4"s t several different angles! We may even go as far as to say this PC is toddler proof. 

To top it off, it's surprisingly friendly on the wallet! It goes on sale this February with a starting price tag of of $289 USD. Fully loaded, will peak around $400 USD.

The durability, affordability and versatility that the 5000 series embodies makes it perfect for the education sector - wink, wink DPS

Sound off below with thoughts and talking points. 

Until next time, Techies!


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