Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on January 16, 2018
Ashley Victoria Cannon


Is Apple's NEWEST creation really worth the deep dive into your pocket? In Circulent's latest issue of Technology Today, we sift through the good, the bad and the techy tidbits. 



To start, the 'X' is actually pronounced 'ten', in celebration of their Tenth Anniversary - it's equipped with a bigger, bolder, first-ever, edge-to-edge OLED Screen - comprised of surgical grade stainless steel, measuring a whopping 5.8" diagonally. Not only will glamorous glass engulf the front but the back is adorned too! Don't panic though, it's nearly shatter proof according to Apple.*



One of the most intriguing facets the next gen embodies is its Face ID software - the ability to unlock your device by, you guessed it, scanning your face! Some have been warry due to the concern that their phones security may be at risk, however, iPhone ensures that they've put the X through rigorous testing. Unlike Samsung in the past, the X won't unlock with a mere flat, printout of it's owners face - nor will it unlock for advanced, life-like facial masks. If that isn't enough, according to Business Insider, there are Six Instances where Face ID won't be valid and a manual passcode must be entered. 

  1. If the device has just been turned on or restored. 
  2. If the device hasn't been unlocked for more than 48 hours. 
  3. If the passcode hasn't been used to unlock the devi ce in the last 156 hours (six and a half days) and Face ID has not unlocked the device in the last 4 hours. 
  4. The device has received a remote lock command. 
  5. After 5 unsuccessful attempts to match a face. 
  6. After initiating power off/Emergency SOS by pressing and holding either volume button and the side button simultaneously for 2 seconds. 


This is definitely a 'fan favorite' feature - the X boasts a dual-lens, 12-megapixel rear camera, equipped with dual optical image stabilization - combining wide-angle and telephoto lens. Used in sync, they can determine the depth in a scene. The 7-megapixel front-facing camera supports the NEW portrait mode and is accessorized with exposure control and automatic image stabilization. 



The X, in conjunction with iOS 11 hosts Apples NEW ARKit. This framework enables users to conceptualize and create 'unparalleled augmented reality experiences'. It lifts apps beyond the screen and into the 'real world'. How is this possible? TruDepth Camera, Visual Inertial Odometry, Scene Understanding and Lighting Estimation, High-Perm Hardware and Rendering Optimizations. 

Wow, that was a mouthful - let's break this down a little! 

  • TruDepth Camera -  Makes the users face the surface where 3Dgraphics are built, using facial geometry to track facial features and size, as well as expressions. This also activates the NEW Animoji. 
  • Visual Inertial Odometry, Scene Understanding + Lighting Estimation - VIO uses both camera sensor and Core Motion data - allowing X to sense room correctly sans calibration. SU and LE find a bunch of points in the user's environment and tracks them as the phone moves. It can 'pin' objects to one point, changing the scale and perspective, as well as estimate the amount of light in an environment and apply the accurate amount of lighting to virtual objects. 
  • High-Perm Hardware + Rendering Optimizations - Allows the users to create life-like virtual creations on top of/in real world scenarios. 


Ahhh now to address the scary part, the steep price tag attached to this shiny new gadget. Apple has warmed us up to their price points over the years, but this one surly takes the cake. A model with 64GB of storage is $999 and if you need or want 256GB of storage, you will need to fork out a whopping $1,149*. That's a lot of hard earned cash for a smart phone! Then again, doesn't everything of quality and value come at a price? 

Let us know what you think, is the iPhone X worth it? Sound off below. 


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