Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on June 27, 2018
Ashley Victoria Cannon

 iOS 12

In this week's Technology Todaywe dive into iOS 12 and what you can expect - psst. we think you'll really like it!


According to Apple, this is what you can foreknow, of their NEWEST iOS launch, coming in FALL 2018! 


The NEWEST iOS has been improved with quicker speeds and functionality - especially for older devices, needing to support the software. Due to past mishaps, Apple has been plagued with a bad rep for releasing software updates that end users download, wishing for an upgraded phone, but instead get slow, buggy devices - because their older models simply couldn't support the new tech. No more! Faster, efficient speeds, for all! Amen.

Speed will not only be improved for older devices using the new software launch, it will also improve load times on your most used apps, and provide optimal performance whilst users are multi-tasking.

Apple is promising - 

  • 70% Faster Swipe to Camera 
  • 50% Faster Keyboard Display
  • 2X Faster App Launch Under Heavy Workload 



This one's a whopper - you can now FaceTime, up to 32 contacts, at once! Wow, is all we have to say. I know it goes without saying, but this update supports video and audio, for all participants. 

Group FaceTime will populate in a tile format; the person speaking, will have the largest tile - giving an automated fluidity to the conversation. We predict Group FaceTime will be the latest trend in communication -  as it's great for connecting family, living in different parts of the country or world, awesome for work collaboration, and you know this is going to be an instant hit among teenage girls, everywhere!

You can initiate Group FaceTime from a  group chat or hop on a live one, at any time. Communication, made easy! 



Memoji's are one of my favorite add-ons, and one that rivals Bitmoji, big time. Memoji is exactly what it sounds like - a 'Me Emoji' - Apple is now allowing you to create an animated version of yourself to share with friends, colleagues and family. Get creative! iOS 12 gives end users a vast array of options, to create the perfect, fun, sassy, loud, version of themselves. The plus, you can make as many of them as you want! 



This is one of the less impressive updates - there have been 4 NEW Animoji's added to the original lineup. The new characters are a Koala, Tiger, Ghost and T-Rex. 



Apple took this update straight from SnapChat and Instagram's books - literally. They have now added cartoons and fun image overlays for photos, to add personality to content shared. You can now create and share photos, as well as videos with filters, animated text, stickers, Animojis and Memojis. 



ARKit 2 allows developers to construct AR that's even more realistic, to fully submerge users in their alternate reality. This update also allows multiple end users to experience the same reality, at the same time.

AR objects can now be sent via text, as well as email. Another neat add - if you download 'Measure', in the App Store, you can actually measure 'real world' objects, by pointing your phone at them, while having your camera, open. 



This is one that parents and those who lack self control, everywhere, will praise. The Scree Time feature, allows you to be cognizant of the amount of time you spend on your phone/device and where that time is allocated. It is actually pretty nifty! It provides you with graphs of your data, so you can see precisely where you're spending the most time. You can also set how much time you are allotting yourself or your children on a device - once the user has reached their preset limit, they will receive a notification. the end user can override the notification to stop use, if they want - but, at least Screen Time will bring awareness to time spent. 



Notifications are associated with almost everything you do; therefore, your notifications add up, quickly. Are you tired of the endless list that populates? So are we! Well, Apple recognized this pain - they now clump notifications together in Message Threads, based on the platform they're sent from; freeing up space. Apple is also giving end users the power to govern notifications, in real time, from the Lock Screen. Last, but certainly not least, Siri will now make astute decisions on your alerts, based on your past behavior towards them - simplifying your life! 



Loving this feature! You can now schedule how long you would like to have Do Not Disturb active - finally!!



iOS 12 embodies the For You photo tab, that shows you highlighted moments from you camera roll - it then will prompt you to share said photos with the people in the them and vice versa for other users, that have an Apple device. Pretty convenient, if I do say so myself. 



Photos in iOS 12 allows you to sift through all the noise in your library, to find the exact photo you're looking for. It also allows you to remember ones, that you may have forgotten about.

Prior to even starting your search recommendations for events, people and places, will pop-up. As you type, the search is narrowed to exactly what you want, via keywords.  



Siri will intuitively learn your routine, make suggestions, and streamline your life. Siri then pairs these suggestions and actions with third-party apps. You can also run shortcuts with your voice, to create a customized rules. 



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Until next time, Techies! 




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