Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on July 24, 2018
Ashley Victoria Cannon

Google Cloud Build

In this Technology Todaywe chat about Google's NEWEST launch, Cloud Build

According to Google, 'Cloud Build is the company's fully-managed Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) platform that lets you build, test, and deploy software, at scale.' 



Cloud Build, allows you to create software, at a rapid rate, in all languages. To boot - you're 'driving', with complete control over initiating custom workflows. Workflows can be utilized for building, testing, and deploying over various platforms - including, but not limited to, VMs, serverless, Kubernetes or Firebase. 



According to Google Cloud, this is what you can expect from Cloud Build

Commit to Deploy in Minutes

Going from PR to build, test, and deploy couldn't be easier. You are able to set-up triggers to auto build, test or deploy source code, when you push changes to GitHub, Cloud Source Repositories or a Bitbucket repository. 

Choose What to Build 

No more provisioning or maintaining build environments - you can now create fast, and reliable builds - in any language. Package your source into Docker containers or non-container artifacts with build tools such as Maven, Gradle, webpak, Go, or Bazel. 

Extremely Fast Builds 

Access machines connected via Google's global network to significantly reduce build time. Run builds on high-CPU VM's or cache source codes, images, or other dependencies to further increase your build speed. 

Automate Deployments

Create pipelines as a part of your build steps to automate deployments. Deploy using built-in integrations to Kubernetes Engine, App Engine, Cloud Functions, and Firebase. Use Spinnaker with Cloud Builder for creating and executing complex pipelines. 

Define Your Custom Workflow 

Get complete control over the steps you want to perform as a part of build, test, and deploy. Define specific instructions to build, package and push images or run multiple jobs in parallel with custom build steps. 

 Unparalleled Privacy 

Run builds on infrastructure protected by Google Cloud security. Get full control over who can create and view your builds, what source code can be used, and where your brand artifacts can be stored. 



There will be a FREE version of Google's Cloud Build - however, it will limit builders to 2 hours of build-time, per day. For some dough, you  can build unlimited for $.0034, per minute. 



Are you pumped for Google's new platform? Do you think it will help streamline and execute innovation?  Sound off, below! 


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