Posted by Ashley Victoria Cannon on May 1, 2018
Ashley Victoria Cannon


This week's Technology Today  highlights Covee - the latest way to collaborate with others, via blockchain. 



This NEW platform allows minds from all over, with whom are trying to solve the same problem, come together, collaborate and potentially solve said problem. This infrastructure is trusted, fair and decentralized, due to its blockchain nature. Each input is logged and tracked in the ledger, forever- once something is entered into the chain, it cannot be altered. 

Working with your colleagues alone will never get you the same results, as working with, figuratively, the brightest minds in the entire world. That's the  magic of Covee. Not only can you work collaboratively, but you could outsource issues or even entire departments of your company. This could streamline overhead and boost companies bottom lines; all while providing top-line solutions. 



By using blockchain, you are able to verify what work was contributed and completed by participant. This ensures things are 'fair and square' - as no one can claim they have done work, they haven't. Meaning, the one who finds a solution or completes a task can be rewarded accordingly for their contribution. Or, if they were hired to solve something, they will be properly compensated. 

Entire industries could benefit - for instance, Covee can foster growth of machine learning algorithms to improve diagnosis of disease, such as cancer in the medical field or even work to build upon finance with the development of a crypto trading platform. The sea of possibilities is literally endless. 



Covee was founded in Berlin, at the start of 2017 - shortly after, they relocated to Zurich, Switzerland. The move to Switzerland was strategic, in that they wanted to be surrounded by the oldest and strongest blockchain ecosystems, in the world. Not to mention, it is a mecca for untapped and senior talent, alike. To boot - Zurich itself, is open to cryptocurrencies - making it the perfect 'token economy' for this startup to thrive!



In order to generate revenue, Covee will be charging users a transaction fee for using the open-sourced, decentralized network.  Additionally, they will have a service for those that do not want to interact with platform and cryptocurrency, directly. 

We are excited to see the impact this new platform has on the world, and what innovations will finally see the light of day. 



Did you find this blog informative? Will you or your company utilize Covee? Do you have a subject you would like for us to cover next? Sound off below and be sure to subscribe to our emails! 

Until next time, Techies! 





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